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Remember 2008? South Korea? A little girl was born. Named Yaya. She was included in the game Cute.exe. She has made her way to the house of cute horrors. Yaya appears as the first specimen in the demo of the game. Yaya can change into creatures that at least people on low stamina cannot out run. In The recent version Yaya is Released when Specimen 5 Tappytoes is released. Yaya also have some changes and damage to her face. In endless mode, Yaya walks twice as fast as Kuku and takes 2/11 of your health. Yaya was abused and raped in Dae-Jung South Korea before she attempted suicide. Yaya at first will put a mask on and ask for Flabe back, and a note from Abby Says:

"Note 11: Phew! That was a close call. I've have the green watch, pink heart, and.... a teddy bear? It must be Flabe. Yaya have left him in the elevator. A note appears from Yaya. It reads: " If you have found this plush, please return on the darkest level, room 590. I miss him Kuku and Flabe. And I can't live without him (Flabe). Love Yaya." Yaya has left Flabe, and killed Kuku. What else does the girl wants?! Why would Yaya purposely leave Flabe behind, and purposely kill Kuku? This is not up for a debate, I WILL return this thing to her. 

- Abby Jr. Gillam"

When you reach room 590, you will be set in a place with Kuku and Yaya in a terror of matter. When you try to exit through the door behind Yaya will say "Locked". No key will be found to the "locked" door behind her. After returning Flabe to Yaya you will be able to leave now.When you exit the room you'll travel down a long hallway with a light at the end. When you turn the corner, Yaya will say "Go Get him Flabe! Go get him!". After Yaya makes the statement Flabe runs at the player taking 1/3 of your health. Flabe chases the player until 600 at the next elevator. No one ever made it passed room 590. But overall, Yaya has a Korean look back in 2008 before her death in 2009.

A 2008 Yahoo Korea Kids Character was once alive but died in a unknown way. Prove very Effective towards hatred or wandering victims.

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Room #: 210, 51, and 617

Attacks: Multiple Kill streaks

Health dissolvement: 1/3

Specimen #: 9

Gender: Female