Similar to Spooky... But she is much sweeter and cuter. Haunt-Chasey is Specimen 8 and was brutally murdered by Yaya. Other fans said that it was impossible for Yaya to kill the girl before it was time. Haunt-Chasey was a little girl who was named Chasey when she was alive. and i guess the point to where she was exploring, she accidentally disturbed Yaya from her deserted nap after reading the poem that Abby wrote:

Yaya is living somewhat sorrow. 

Yaya doesn't know she'll die tomorrow. 

Little girl Yaya is going broke. 

Around her loose heart, there's a tight yoke. 

Kuku have lived far away 

Yaya's voice says "this is my last day" 

Watching Yaya weep and yelp 

Somebody go and get the girl some help! 


- Abby Jr Gillam

For about a moment the girl and her friend Maria started to feel and hear strange things. Not before long that's when Yaya awakens from her rest with a soft humming noise and quite a few laughs in between. To make this wikia page short... After Chasey claims that Yaya is still cute no matter what, Yaya takes her Yaya's Hour (A Killing Knife) and murders Chasey Before time. This, however, gave Maria to run off and away to go inform Chasey's parents. Yaya afterwards, leans Chasey body against the door which Maria left out of, and her ghostly self was made. Haunt-Chasey was born. Yaya says that Haunt-Chasey will remain inactive and a ghostly version of herself forever and now on. Haunt-Chasey remains as Specimen, and CTHOOY in written whenever the player encounters her. CTHOOY stands (or abbreviates) for 'Creep The Hell Out Of You'. This makes the player creeps out and run away from her while it is their only chance not to die. Haunt-Chasey in the 2018 version can only be encountered once.