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Firebreach is a little girl originated from Canada. She was attacked by a fire Yaya and was sent to the hospital for months. She have never gotten out after several months had past away. Little Girl Firebeach was foaming at the mouth multiple times and a toxic foam was mixing inside of her body from the Yaya's saliva. When the little girl aroused from her body she was remade with fire on her.

A note we came across does not have a name. It says:

"Note ???: Hey! I found a strange creature in the home while exploring. It looks like a fire started from a mile away. But I kept hearing footsteps from where the fire was. I stepped an inch closer and it moved. I know this was a stupid idea, but I took 2 more inches closer from what it looks like it was a little girl. I thought it was Yaya burning to death, but it was someone else. I shouted 'Hey!' In Korean Japanese and Chinese, it never responded. i got a little-big closer towards the creature., and it was a little girl! She talks to me, telling me 'A fire Yaya killed me and i think you'd sent it after me.'. I did however held a conversation with it. Her name is Firebreach. After I told her, 'I like that name', she told me she is a enemy here. She told me she is a Specimen kid. I managed to run away, and I've gotten quite a few burn marks on me. But I think that it was some spirit of a 7 or 5 year old girl in mid 2009.

- Unknown Person"

A little girl was attacked by a Fire Yaya in 2011. Proven Effective Towards Slower or short distance subjects. Also can gain speed after room 250.

Trivia Edit

HP: 250

Room #: 60

Attacks: Fire Ball from short distance

Health dissolvement: 15/100

Specimen #: 1

Gender: Female