Specimen 1 (Firebreach) Edit


Say Hello! (Hi Firebreach)

Hey there,

I'm Firebreach.

Yes see,

You can hear me

As a specimen kid

I thought I was already dead

Knowing Yaya's shadow

And Kuku's too


At least I am not you

Knowing of how I am

My flames are real

I am attacking

I am loved by you

I am loved by...

Yaya and Kuku!

Yes, it's the truth

Fire me

and Water you~

I am Firebreach

Number One! (Firebreach!)

Number Two! (Little Floorsick)

Specimen 2 (Floorsick) Edit

Hey now,

I am Floorsick

I am

Specimen 2

Depression has over

powered me and myself

Yaya is super mad

Kuku is too


I just needed some help

Yaya and Kuku aren't

proud of me

And that is fine by me~

I'm Vietnamese

I ain't Chinese

No way, No way, No way!

I am Floorsick

Depression is so not pretty~

Don't turn out just like me.

Number Two! (Floorsick)

Number Three! (Drabospikire)

Specimen 3 (Drabospikire) Edit


Specimen Three

I am


A dragon boy

who have died

on the night of Halloween

Dragon's my favorite thing

more just a thing


and Kuku don't belive

Jelous Korean kids


I am so wonderful

I never felt so dead

nor alive at

multiple times


I am not the cutest boy~

nor the kindest one


Number Three (Drabospikire)

Number Four (Chained That Girl Up!)

Specimen 4 (Chained-Upp) Edit

안녕 내 작은 친구

That's right

I'm Talking to you

I do love you both


Yaya and Kuku

These chains are full of pain

causing me to strain


These days won't go away

I suffer everday

in Room 120

along with Firebreach~

My heart do jump

as I say

Im hated hated hated

I am Chinese

and also my name is Chained-Upp~

Means 'Chain That Girl Up'

Number Four (Chain her up)

Number Five (The Tap Trail)

Specimen 5 (TappyToes) Edit


My little friend

You know this day will not end

Hallucinations are manifesting

my sensitive brain

Yaya and Kuku can't

Take it any more

My name is TappyToes with Gore

Graphics are really nice

and that is twice

TappyToes is my name

The fifth specimen

in terror

that i cannot take

I'm TappyToes

That will prove in room 210

You know where I've been

Number Five (TappyToes)

Number Six (Where's Baby Girl?)

Specimen 6 (Clawnorphan) Edit


Nice to meet you

I'm a girl that is 2

I don't need parents to secure

me i have enough

Kuku and Yaya are

my mom and dad


are sisters and brothers

I have a arm with so

Many~ Claws

to slain the player~

Clawnorphan's my name

and i have

a killing machine

That's inside me

And no i am not possessed

I just need a break

Number Six (Clawnorphan)

Number Seven (Where is Axeboy)

Specimen 7 (Axeboy) Edit

I am

Little Axeboy


is my home toy

i'm just excited to

Little Kuku and Yaya

Baby wet, wet myself

What i use to say


I just freakin' forget

The axe is on my back

That is infact

a little cutie boy~

Axeboy's my name

And i can't just

Control, control, control

I have power

Me and Kuku and Yaya too~

Slain you with my axe

Number Seven (Hey Axeboy Yay!)

Number Eight (Where is Ghost Girl?)